Jobs That Are No Longer

Remember when Charlie’s dad from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory got laid off?

He was replaced by a robot.*

Here are a few jobs that used to be, that aren’t any more.

What jobs do you think are going to be gone in the next few years?  Tell me in the comments.

*Tell me what job Charlie’s dad, Mr. Bucket, did for 10 cool points.

2 Responses

  1. I don’t know about jobs that will be gone necessarily, but one that I see looming on the horizon will be people who can both “do science” and write a coherent sentence. I just graduated with a master’s degree and most of my classmates couldn’t spell/grammar their way out of a wet paper bag. I’m the academic director of an open-source journal. Our business director has to run all communications by me first because he fails basic sentence structure and being legible is the first step to being credible.

    We’re going to have to stop mocking English Lit and Philosophy grads and start paying them vast sums of money to make up for the fact that those of us in the core sciences (maybe this is a cohort effect of those born in my generation) are only literate up to 140 characters (and not even then, in many cases).

  2. Crommunist,
    Thanks for stopping by and commenting. I agree that those of my generation and younger are pretty lax (or uneducated/unpracticed) in decent communication skills. You are spot on when you said,

    “being legible is the first step to being credible”

    That’s completely true. How many of those born in the 80’s and 90’s would shop at a store that had such atrocious lack of trying in their signage? I’m afraid I’m starting to believe they might not notice/care if a sign at the mall said, “20% Of Every Thing in the Stor.”

    20% of the store what? Is on sale? Is stuff not in my size? Ohhh, I get it!

    Reminds me of this classic.

    Oh, this new one is great too!

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