Science Cards – Galileo & Scicurious

With a little help from Bora, the first iteration of my new science cards did wonderfully last week.  So this week, I cover my eyes and hope to have even more luck:

First up is Galileo.  What did he do? Oh well, just looked at the Milky Way through a telescope and said that objects of the same size and shape (but different masses) fall to Earth at the same rate.  You know, and a bunch of other important stuff… enough that he’s considered by many to be the father of modern science. Wikipedia quotes Stephen Hawking as saying, “Galileo, perhaps more than any other single person, was responsible for the birth of modern science.”

Trading Card - GalileoClick for full size

Learn more about Galileo

Galileo, it would seem, is probably a pretty cool person to hang out with.  Unfortunately, given that he isn’t alive, that’s pretty unlikely to happen.  Good for me, though, is the following science blogger will be alive and kicking for many decades to come.  So if scicurious, an awesome (and anonymous) brain-blogger, ever wants to join me in an afternoon at the museum, my schedule is open.  She was also nice enough to agree to participate. 🙂

Trading Card - ScicuriousClick for full size

Click to learn more about Scicurious

I hope everyone enjoys this round of science cards.  I’m still hearing back from some of the bloggers I contacted, but if/when they run out, there will be plenty of historical scientists to keep carding.


8 Responses

  1. Woohoo! I’m on a card and/it’s looking cool and/I’ve got a science-card themed pashmina afghan…

  2. wow, cool

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  4. […] Also someone that has been featured on this blog before, sci is a really awesome person. Her intelligence and personality is like none […]

  5. […] sure enough, Sci is on a CARD! AmeobaMike has been putting together science themed trading cards, and asked Sci. Sci is rather flattered and […]

  6. Can I use your Galileo card for my class? It looks awesome

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