Science Cards – The Hermit & The Hottie

While the other big name reputable science bloggers are writing about poop today, I present a new pair of science cards.

Actually one of the most famous people in the world at one point, our first scientist had hermit tendencies–especially later in life. [src]   Nikola Tesla didn’t invent electricity–that was nature–but he certainly found new ways to use it. An engineer, physicist, and prolific inventor, Tesla has his name on a unit of measure, museum, currency, car–just about everything short of a pair of Nike!

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Learn more about Nikola Tesla

For the current scientist, I’m actually including a science writer.  It’s one thing to be a good scientist, but quite another to be able to break down scientific material so that non-science people can understand too.  That’s what I try to do here and at work, and that’s why science writers have a special place in my heart.  Having spent time in both grad school in the sciences and on Capitol Hill, Sheril Kirshenbaum now is writing a whole bunch and awaiting the release date of her latest book–on kissing.  As for her being a hottie, well, that’s been a story once or twice before.  And before I’m pitchforked by the mob, Sheril_ agreed to allow me to post her “hotness” rating–but only if it was equal to or lower than her intelligence rating (which, like scicurious and BoraZ before her, she provided in addition to the other data on the card).

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Learn more about Sheril_

I hope you’ve enjoyed this issue of Science Cards, see you next time!


3 Responses

  1. Not to worry, Sheril, I’ll slay the evil dragons of scientific illiteracy!

  2. Why did only Sheril get points for hotness? What about Tesla?

  3. […] Kirshenbaum: Yes, she’s been featured here a time or two previously. She’s very much a sweetheart and I was sad I only got about 3 […]

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