Who Needs A Science Card?

(In the voice of Dr Nick:) Hi, everybody!

I’m headed to New England for the week, so there will be no science cards posted this week.  Though I seem to remember a post about boobs that I made which is scheduled to appear while I’m gone.  In the meantime, I’d love to hear who you think deserves a science card.  I’m primarily concerned with getting scientists/science writers/science educators that are active in social media including blogging, YouTubing, etc.

There is a small number of people I’ve contacted that have agreed to help who I’m still waiting on, and there is a smaller number of people I’ve contacted that have not responded to me.

I’ll be at ACS in Boston tomorrow and Wednesday.  (One good thing about ACS is there will be plenty of Alpha Chi Sigma brothers to hang out with.)  Now, the amoeba doesn’t like airplanes, so you won’t be able to identify me easily.  I’ll be there representing my employer, along with my boss, so look for the blue polo that says Independence Science.  As I’ll be in work attire, I won’t be in my signature cowboy hat-lab coat combo either. *sadface*

After ACS, I’ll be doing some more work out of town, but should be back by mid-week next week at the latest.  If that’s the case, I’ll get a fresh set of science cards posted by week’s end.

While I’m gone, please feel free to tell me who else deserves a card–and preferably why! Either leave a comment here, DM/mention me on Twitter, or write on my Facebook wall.


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