Science Cards – No Catchy Subtitle This Time

I spent 8 out of 9 days on the road since the last time I posted a science card.  So you’ll have to give me a bit of a break on the lack of a catchy subtitle.  Feel free to come up with one of your own and make me feel bad for how easy it was for you to think of.

(If this is your first experience with my science cards, here’s the brief synopsis: cards that include a “legend” are made up by me.  In most cases, the current scientists are providing their own info to me.  When reading a star rating, 1 star is indicative of the level in which normal mortals reside.)

In today’s first science card, the legend I’ve chosen is Charles Darwin.  He continues to be public enemy #1–something he has in common with that other Chuck D–in some circles.  (This is the perfect time to point out that 911 is a joke and yell, “Flavor Flav!”)  Darwin’s idea that organisms share a common ancestor and that natural selection is the driving force behind evolution changed the world–Yeah, boyeee!

Trading Card - DarwinView full size

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Also up today is another anonymous blogger.  She likes to be represented by Wonder Woman in a lab coat (she added the lab coat), but frankly I’d rather hang out with her than Wonder Woman.  Isis the Scientist was nice enough to work with me on this card and is a pleasure to correspond with.

Trading Card - IsisView full size

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2 Responses

  1. favourite infomercial = the slap chop?? Isis has no love for the works of Mr Jack LaLane? Disappointing.

  2. Jack LaLane? Of course not!!! Haven’t you seen the Slap Chop commercial? It’s like karate and cookie together. Perfection!

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