Science Cards – Two Great Women

After a slew of business trips and a broken piece of software, I’ve finally got the latest–and last*???–science cards for you!

First up is Marie Curie, the first person honored with two Nobel Prizes!  Best known for her work as a pioneer in radioactivity, Curie had a distinguished career that included isolating radioactive isotopes, discovering two chemical elements (she even had one named after her!) and working to cure cancer with radiation.

Trading Card - CurieSee full-sized

Learn more about Marie Curie

No stranger to the spotlight either, Joanne Manaster–ScienceGoddess to us commonfolk–is basically a science teacher.  It’s more complicated than that, but teaching is what she does.  By always spreading the good word of science, ScienceGodess reaches out to students.  More importantly, she is an amazing role model and inspirer for young women who want to enter a STEM field because she’s beautiful and doesn’t have to dumb-down in order to fit in.  And thanks to her for providing the following info:

Trading Card - ScienceGoddessSee full-sized

Learn more about ScienceGoddess


*So why did I say this might be the last post of cards?  I’ve asked a handful of people to participate that either didn’t respond, said no, or said yes but then never gave me the info I needed. I’m kind of thinking posting who didn’t even give me the nicety of a response is probably not a very nice thing, so if you have ideas for more cards, let me know!


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