How I Found Out

Now that I’ve made the announcement, you want the story.

I was awakened by my wife, which is not uncommon for a weekend morning–I like to sleep. 🙂

I was still pretty much asleep when she said something like “How’s my daddy-to-be this morning?” That’ll wake you up!

Good news is that we were trying, so I knew it was coming. It wasn’t a shock.

But I believe my response was “I need to go back to sleep.”


That was too big of a life changing moment to process in my state of wake.

Well, that was it. No big show or production. No crying. No yelling. No, “are you sure?”

There’s something to be said for expected pregnancy.

It was a relief in that Mrs AmoebaMike got what she’s been waiting for.

The due date will be shortly after my birthday and unless anyone in the family has a secret they need to share, this will be the first grandkid on my parents’ side and Mrs AmoebaMike’s dad’s side.  Also, the first great-grandkid on my dad’s side and Mrs AmoebaMike’s dad’s side.


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  1. Congratulations 🙂

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