Making Babies

This post was written 8 months before we actually made a baby. I anticipated getting pregnant right out of the gate. Not wanting to keep the beautiful flashback from you, I present the story as I wrote it originally.

I’ve been told that the best part of having kids is making them.  I have to admit, there are worse ways to spend 37 seconds an evening.  It’s rare when parents can plan and anticipate making a baby.  MrsAmoebaMike and I have been pretty lucky and between that and some smart decisions on our part, I’m sitting here in early October writing about making babies before I know if one’s been made.

Yesterday we performed an action that may–or may not–have resulted in conception of AmoebaJr.  Planning started a while ago, though.  Here are the highlights…

[[hazy flashback sequence]]

GYN: *excited we’re talking about pregnancy* Have sex every other day from day 10 to day 20 in your cycle.

One of and/or both of us: Okay!

Allergist: You should really be at maintenance dose before you get pregnant.

Mrs AmoebaMike: *counts shots out on calendar*

[[fast forward to late September]]

Mrs AmoebaMike: I’m at maintenance!  This is my last pack of pills. *counts to day 10 of cycle*

[[end flashback]]

So yesterday was day 10 of cycle 1 off pills. *yada yada yada* And now we play the waiting game.  Actually before that, we need to have sex a few more times.  You know, in the interest of doing a thorough job.

Does anyone have any good stories regarding conception and/or finding out about a pregnancy that don’t involve threats or tears of sadness?

Here’s a pregnancy announcement I like: i am… with a nice follow-up. Your turn to share.


2 Responses

  1. YAY MIKE! I cannot wait until your spawn enters the world. We’re in a similar boat (albeit with a bit more intervention) – Headed to doc with full plans to pick a baby daddy and get things goin, which then became – “well, you really need to lose some weight” which became “you failed your glucose tolerance test” which became ” you need to lose at least 40 pounds” which then became “I need to see you again in 2 months after another GT Test” –

    But, 30 pounds down, 10-20 to go, and GT test on Friday…fingers crossed!!!

    Hope your baby making is more pleasurable than ours. LOL. My mother asked us if we were going to have kids, to which I replied “You know, we keep trying, but I can’t seem to get her pregnant!” She didnt laugh like I thought she would.


  2. Huge hugs to you Sarah! 😀

    I’m so happy to hear things are moving along well for you girls.

    Plus, this world needs all the tolerant, intelligent people it can get!

    *amoeba hugs*

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