Starting Things Off – The Roundup

I’m not ready to jump in with the Biology just quite yet.  Let’s get this thing started with some currents events.   Not enough teachers focus on what’s happening in the day-to-day real world events of their subject.  Here are a few things I’ve found within the past week or so that caught my eye, and I hope they interest you as well:

“Fossil Find Challenges Theories on T. Rex” Many large media outlets covered this story (at least on the ‘net).  A new dino fossil makes scientists rethink T. Rex evolution.

“How Long Would It Take a Physics Lecture to Actually Kill You?” A few liberties need to be taken, but completely scientifically plausible and the answer to a question many of us wondered at one point.  (Based on the assumption of running out of oxygen, not dieing from CO2 as one commenter points out.)

Carl Zimmer’s “Your Brain Isn’t Hiding Superpowers From You”  This post’s a little older than a week, but it helps debunk a widely believed myth.

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