Something To Talk About

I’ve been blessed with some kind words about myself and AmoebaMike.

Seelix tweeted, “Love the new Science Cards!”

Dr. Isis says, “HA HA HA! AmoebaMike cracks me up.”

Christa Watson calls AmoebaMike, “Awesome-tastic!!”

After using my Pasteur image, Steve said, “Thanks for producing it, Mike! Love your site, Steve”

Allie Wilkinson wrote, “LOL! You always make me crack up!” and also, “LOL!!!!! I just snorted/laughed very audibly in Starbucks. That just made my night!”

Alex says, “you’re the best. Even if you need lunch breaks.”

Arikia tweeted, “Love your Science Cards!”

Sarah found me, “Your love of @TCMIndy helped me find your wonderful blog! Biology FTW!!”

Finally, my biggest fan???

Dr Bondar gave one of my posts some love, “I enjoyed your Mendel post!” and then gave AmoebaMike some love, “love the amoebamike cartoon, definitely do a tat…amoebamike should have his own tv show!!”


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