Smart Cars & the Bad-Driving Gene in The Roundup

I’ve been retweeting a lot of good stuff lately, but I’ve come across a few things I saved for this installment of The Roundup.  This isn’t stuff they tell you about in school…

The story of a New York football Giant and his Smart car from the NY Times.

[picapp src=”3/a/6/9/29.JPG?adImageId=7088146&imageId=3511079″ width=”380″ height=”501″ /]

Meanwhile, between a quarter and a third of Americans seem to have a bad-driving gene.

Here in Indy, we’re at the peak of the fall colors for just a few more days.  As you know, the leaves turn spectacular colors and then fall from the trees.  But *cue the mystery music* do they fall or are they pushed?

[picapp src=”5/a/a/0/03.JPG?adImageId=7088183&imageId=1348292″ width=”380″ height=”253″ /]

Could it be that kissing, which is uniquely human, has an immuno-evolutionary basis?

[picapp src=”0251/d2cc9152-48c1-4d23-88a4-84e6eaa91b12.jpg?adImageId=7088207&imageId=254946″ width=”500″ height=”353″ /]

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