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Smart Cars & the Bad-Driving Gene in The Roundup

I’ve been retweeting a lot of good stuff lately, but I’ve come across a few things I saved for this installment of The Roundup.  This isn’t stuff they tell you about in school…

The story of a New York football Giant and his Smart car from the NY Times.

[picapp src=”3/a/6/9/29.JPG?adImageId=7088146&imageId=3511079″ width=”380″ height=”501″ /]

Meanwhile, between a quarter and a third of Americans seem to have a bad-driving gene.

Here in Indy, we’re at the peak of the fall colors for just a few more days.  As you know, the leaves turn spectacular colors and then fall from the trees.  But *cue the mystery music* do they fall or are they pushed?

[picapp src=”5/a/a/0/03.JPG?adImageId=7088183&imageId=1348292″ width=”380″ height=”253″ /]

Could it be that kissing, which is uniquely human, has an immuno-evolutionary basis?

[picapp src=”0251/d2cc9152-48c1-4d23-88a4-84e6eaa91b12.jpg?adImageId=7088207&imageId=254946″ width=”500″ height=”353″ /]

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Bed Bugs, Fake Golgi, and Little Goal Posts in The Roundup

A few interesting articles that came through my Twitter feed.  Here’s some that I didn’t retweet:

Dogs for finding drugs, dogs for finding explosives, and dogs for finding people in rubble.  Now, dogs for finding bed bugs!

An interesting little article from the BBC has a bit of history on the longitude 0° 0′ 00″, otherwise known as the Greenwich Prime Meridian.

Scientists have created the first artificial organelle, as described in this article by Scientific American.

Missed field goals change the size of the goal?  What kickers have said for years, appears to be true.

Another Nobel in The Roundup

The 2009 Chemistry Nobel Prize was awarded yesterday for work on identifying ribosome structure.  Whether you’re familiar with them or not, ribosomes are huge (in biology and in life–but not in size).  Basically the ribosome “reads” the DNA and makes proteins.  If DNA is the recipe of life, a ribosome is the chef.

And if that’s of no interest to you, how about bugs? Incredible Insect Macro Photography came across my Twitter feed and I thought you’d love to see these amazing images.

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