Back In The Saddle

Some of you younger folk might not get the reference, but not only is “Back In The Saddle” an Aerosmith song, since I ride an amoeba I think it fits.

I’m using this first post back to give you a heads up on a few things.  Continually two of my top posts I get are from search engines. *tangent* I always anticipated this site being.  I know that there’s not much regular audience in this content, but I want people to search for info they need and land here. /*tangent* The two posts I usually get the post hits on are the posts that feature my rendition of a generic animal cell and Pasteur’s disproving of spontaneous generation.

That said, I know I’m not an artist, but I also know I’m a pretty good teacher. And if people are looking for these images I will try to incorporate more of them going forward. The difficulty lies in a combination of my artistic ability and finding images that can be simplified.  Keep an eye out for more though!

Anyway, it’s been a while, so let’s get into some science!!!


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