Change of Venue

After what is just under 3 years of blogging, I’m changing venues. And form. I think Tumblr is a better fit for me and what I want to accomplish as AmoebaMike now that I’ve had my run. I’m leaving this blog up because my images and posts still get lots of hits despite my lull in posting for the past 6 months. I may decide to post to it from time to time, but follow me on Twitter or Tumblr if you want more Amoeba in your life.

I wouldn’t call 50,000+ hits unremarkable, but FSM knows plenty of people get that in a week. I’m glad to have reached so many. Mainly with my science cards, my cell diagram, and the most popular: my spontaneous generation experiment image.

My move to Tumblr, will not be without changes. Besides the form, of course. My posts will become more varied and more adult–not necessarily pornographic, specifically I mean adult situations and language. There’s your fair warning.

AmoebaMike will continue to live on at Tumblr, on Facebook, and on Twitter. I will also keep making science swag, when I get the bug. Additionally, I plan to do some professional writing that will use the AmoebaMike pseudonym. You haven’t seen the last of AmoebaMike!


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